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Vinnie Roxx


Vinnie Roxx, formally known as Linus Roxx. Real Name? Check with local Law Enforcement. When attended his first concert at the age of 5, It was “The Hottest Band in the World, Kiss”!!!!! If memory serves him right, the year was 1976 at Cobo Arena. 7th row back from the stage right in front of the All Mighty, God of Thunder, Gene Simmons, and sitting on top of his Mother’s boyfriend’s shoulders. Just when you could imagine as a kid that being the coolest thing ever, in his entire 5-year-old life, Gene did his signature fist in the air, Linus did it back, and Gene saw it, pointed at him and did it again. That was the moment he knew exactly what and where he needed to be. On stage giving the fist. Then Vinnie went on to spending the next couple years with the white plastic “Kiss” guitar, running through the house, jumping off every piece of furniture in the apartment, singing “Black Diamond” and “Strutter”, blowing imaginary fire from eating smarties aka, “the fire and blood pills”. Vinnie first started singing around the age of 7, on his mothers P.A., in the basement to Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker”, on a record player. Neighbors actually liked it. At around 10 he was introduced to the sounds of AC/DC with the death of Bon Scott. When the early teen age years came, he was introduced to a new album called “Shout At The Devil” on cassette and that is when the party started, followed up by a drivers license and singing every song, in the car to GnR “Appetite For Destruction” to hone in on vocal therapy, Vinnie landed his first band gig, taking over vocals with a band called Guilty Party. He did a couple of shows at Studio Lounge before the band dispersed. He then had a few good runs with the Likes of Stigmata, Lyck Stycky, Shagg Nasty, and Hollywood n Vine. Now heading up the ultimate Motley Crue Tribute he is living out those 80’s sounds in style! For all you ladies out there… Vinnie stated that he likes long quiet walks on the beach.

Nikki Sikks


I remember back in 1987 sitting in my room listening to WLLZ, a radio station in Detroit, and the world premiere of Motley Crue’s new album, Girls, Girls, Girls, came on. Man, how fucking excited was I??? Not only did they play songs off the new album but they also had commentary from the guys in the Crue! Dude, this was huge! I had been a Crue fan for a couple years by this point and I was defiantly a FANATIC. I was the kid with all the posters, that read ALL the articles from the magazines, Circus, Metal Edge, Faces, and Hit Parader, and I was ALL metal.

Jump back to 1985 when I was a big rock fan. I had all kinds of cassettes and 8-tracks (remember the Columbia House scam??) for the cool rock and later, classic rock bands as well. I was big into stuff like Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and Hendrix and now was hearing about this thing called Heavy Metal. One day, a buddy and I were up at Macomb Mall, Sears to be specific and we were doing what kids did then, looking at the cool ass album covers on records. I saw the cassette of Motley Crue’s Theatre of Pain. I thought it looked cool and mentioned that I had heard of them. We were broke asses of course so we left with nothing, or so I thought.

Crash Mars


Tim Ericksen (Crash Mars), known for his soulful clear tone influenced from Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page and Robin Trower, and all the technique, flash and flair from greats such as Randy Rhodes, Eddie Van Halen and of course Mick Mars, started playing Guitar in 1980, one year before the formation of Motley Crue. With the guidance of his three brothers, his early music influences were of the classic rock bands of the 70’s. For two years he played bass in his brother’s band Xanthus, covering material from bands like Hendrix, Cream, Neil Young, Traffic, as well as classics from the British Invasion and Motown. It wasn’t long before he put down the bass and picked up the guitar to form his own band in high school called Rumble Fish. Quickly gaining experience and popularity in the Detroit Metro area, the band morphed into an original project called The Skam. With this band, Crash started to hone his style of writing, performing and playing. In the 10 years that they were together, they gained an excellent following, released 2 CD’s with songs receiving airplay on Z-Rock, and were chosen by WRIF as one of the top 10 bands in the Metro Detroit Area two years running. After The Skam, Crash went on to help form Monkey Paw, a Party Rock cover band. The band was Popular locally with a great following, playing many of the local venues, motorcycle clubs and events. Now as a member of Wreking Crue, Crash is enjoying the full concert show experience of performing all the classic songs of one of his favorite bands of his youth, Motley Crue. When asked what is that he most enjoys about playing in Wreking Crue he stated, “I love the big high energy sound of the band. A lot of nasty, a little sexy with a strong sense of melody and like a lot of 80’s metal bands, it’s all about the fans and the fun.” “Playing in Wreking Crue has allowed me to continue doing what I love, keeps me young at heart, and gives me a chance to give myself to others through my craft.”



Stixx is the newest addition to the Wrecking Crue family and is very excited to be part of the action. He has been drumming seriously for around 4 years first beginning in original bands Liz Ivory and Wisher, both of which are still active entities in the Detroit music scene. His biggest influences (outside of Tommy Lee of course) include Keith Moon, Aric Improta, Morten Lowe Sorensen, Neil Peart, Kai Hahto, and Glen Sobel. He was heavily jazz taught as well at the Detroit Institute of Music Education where he was working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music Performance before the pandemic hit. His biggest hope for Wrecking Crue is hoping that his energetic exuberance and unique groove can help make each live show not only an entertaining night for all, but a truly exceptional experience that they will remember for a long time to come. He is fully committed and determined to bring the soul and spirit of Crue’s legendary percussive force of nature to life each and every night!!


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